Monday, December 10, 2012

Time well spent...?

I entered into today with such lofty expectations.  "Six thousand words today!  And every other weekday this week except for Wednesday!"  (That's my spa day, so I'm being nice to myself and cutting my goal down to 3,000 words for that day.)

Here's what really happened.

I was kept awake way too late last night.  Then I was awakened early, and I hate early o'clock.  But once I was alone in the house (that's when I write best), I padded out of bed, made myself some breakfast (BACON--the breakfast of writing champions!), sat down, and wrote 1,000 words in an hour.  Great start, right?

Yes and no.

Because I was, not surprisingly, fucking exhausted, I decided to take the siesta I'd planned for the afternoon a little earlier.  Like, say, 10:30 AM.  And somehow the 1.5-hour siesta turned into a 4-hour marathon nap.


I got up, showered, ate.  Read the baseball trade rumors.  Cooked dinner.  Cleaned up after dinner.  Then bonked myself on the head while putting something away, giving myself a nice little goose egg on my forehead.  WONDERFUL.

But maybe it actually knocked a little sense into me.

I didn't feel OK to write right away (I wasn't in the right frame of mind), so instead I did some writing-related things that I felt OK to do.  I joined a local writers' meetup.  I signed up for a free webinar, happening tomorrow, which can help me build me author website (which is on my to-do list).  I added a bunch of interesting writing-related blogs to my Google Reader.  I read an article about how breaking up work into 90-minute intervals (and no more than 3 of those intervals per day) can be really helpful when said work is writing.  I also found this article, which was really, really helpful and gave me a ton of good ideas for better handling my writing/work balance once I'm back in the office next week.  I painted my nails--watching chipped blue nails fly across the keyboard was irritating me, so I painted them a lovely shade of grayish lavender (Essie's "Chinchilly," if you wanna get specific).

I feel a little bit better about things.  (Except for my head--that's still throbbing.)

Tonight I'm going to try one 90-minute writing interval.  Tomorrow I want to do 2 to 3 of them.

But between tonight's writing interval and tomorrow's writing interval, I really need some freakin' sleep.

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