Friday, December 28, 2012

My writing space.

British-themed lamp: I'm a total Anglophile, and I like being surrounded by all things British.  This also explains...

Muse, Muse, everywhere: Matt Bellamy on my computer.  Muse mug to the left.  Muse poster (although you can't really see it here) above the desk.  When it comes to writing, this band has inspired me more than anything else, so it's no surprise that I surround myself with Muse paraphernalia when I write...even though I can't listen to them when I write (I need total silence when I write).

Caffeine: Turkey Hill diet iced tea is my drug of choice.

Bobcats mug: These saucy cats from a comic on The Oatmeal always make me smile.

Writing books: This is the book haul I got for Christmas (thank you, Santa!).  I got books on writing query letters, understanding police procedures (since this is essential for my current work-in-progress), how to write more in my spare time...oh, and a couple of Project Runway/Tim Gunn-related books, because I'm a total Runway junkie.  I always keep Tim Gunn's famous quote in my mind as I write: "Make it work!"

Fancy notepad: This Carolina Herrera notepad (part of the Neiman Marcus for Target collection) feels uber-luxe.  Heavy ivory paper edged in gold, cloth cover...when I write story-related notes on these pages, somehow it feels like my ideas are worth a million bucks.

Steinbeck quote: As a recovering perfectionist, this quote--"And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good"--is absolutely vital for me to keep in mind while I write.

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