Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quality over quantity.

I've been writing during my writing holiday.  The problem is, I can't seem to write enough.  The quality's not the issue--the quantity is.  I'm not near my goal word count for the first half of the week--not even close.  Yet I feel like I've made a couple pretty major breakthroughs and wrote some pretty good stuff.  (Not perfect stuff--that's another battle I'm fighting.  I cant aim for perfect in the first draft or I'll lose my mind.  I'm trying to aim for writing a solid foundation that I give some TLC to the second time around, during the rewrite, which can't happen until the full first draft is written.)

The other issue is that I'm all like OMG OFF FROM WORK, OFF FROM WORK!!!!!! and I just want to nap/read/internet fuckery/etc.  It's so tough to concentrate.  Today I'm doing some writing, then going to a spa appointment, and hoping I come back feeling a bit more centered and focused.  Then tomorrow and Friday, I'll plow through writing as much as I can...without sacrificing quality.  And I'll try to keep telling myself that if it takes me a little longer to write it well, it's worth it.

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