Saturday, November 3, 2012

Progress...sort of.

So many thoughts bouncing around my twisted little brain right now.

Trying not to feel guilty about a week where no writing happened.  We had no power for a few days, and the days we did have power, I worked crazy hours at ye olde day job, had to do crappy things like clean out a fridge/freezer full of not-good-anymore gluten-free food (boo!), etc.  I actually felt calmer and more centered during the storm and the days we didn't have power; now I'm all like "FUUUUUUUCK, I need to write, and I'm such a bad person for not writing!!!!"

To be fair, I did do some backing up of my Emerson writing (always a good idea), a bunch of reading/research that will absolutely help make the story even better, and, of course, I'm writing here.  I listened to more Muse when I could and am starting to hear "Survival" at a certain point in the book.  I've felt inspired, although not always in good ways or by good things. 

All of that is progress.  But none of it directly contributes to a larger word count.  Which makes me feel like it's simply not enough progress (but really, no matter how much I do, when will it ever be enough?).

I want to write a chapter before bed tonight.  But it's already after 4 AM.  My sleep was fucked up, which is why I'm up.  Somehow I feel both too manic and too sleepy to write.  But I'm going to give it my best shot anyway.

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