Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 accomplishments

Today I read a blog post recommending looking back and making a list of your accomplishments for the year--and at first, I scoffed when I read it. I'm still revising and don't yet have a queryable manuscript, I didn't meet any of my weirder goals (like learning to read tarot cards, or successfully making macarons), and not much has changed this year. Right?


Okay, I'm still not ready to be published, I only know 1/5 of the tarot deck, and I haven't even attempted macarons. But when I really thought about it, I actually accomplished a lot. Check it out:

  • Finished the first draft of the second book in the Flame (Emerson Carter) series

  • Lost 15 pounds—and have kept them off

  • Got a promotion at work

  • Made gluten-free cupcakes and croutons for the first time

  • Flew on a plane (first time since 2007) for a week-long trip to Florida

  • Met one of my all-time favorite pitchers, AJ Burnett, at the Phillies Phestival

  • Took actions that directly helped improve the health of an injured sparrow

  • Was named a “Very Important Blogger” by Glutino, a gluten-free company whose products I love, and consistently enjoy writing reviews of their goodies

  • Accepted my first ongoing freelance writing gig

  • Came in second in my fantasy baseball league

  • Successfully learned how to make all sorts of crafty things, like greeting cards, tea wreaths, hand-painted glassware, and necklaces, and have given them to friends and family who love them too

  • Wrote 14 different newsletters, and completed several wellness workshops and a variety of other health-oriented projects, at work

Looking back at that list makes me smile. 2014, you really weren't so bad. And I...well, I was damn good. ;)

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