Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1 body, 3 writers.

I love my various writing projects, but there are days when they make me exhausted.  More accurately, it's the personalities behind the projects that exhaust me.

There's the Nikki who diligently writes her novel every morning before work.  Perpetually inspired, eccentric, twisted, bursting with ideas, dreaming up new ways to introduce conflict into the story, hyper-observant, and very much "on" creatively.

There's the Nikki who shows up at work a few hours after writing and tries to keep the weird under wraps while working on writing projects that are not novels.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes, not so much.  Plus it's hard to deal with people there.  It's not that there's anything wrong with them.  It's just that the characters in the story I'm writing are soooooo much fun.

And then there's Pseudonym, who I won't name here because not a soul in the world is aware of the name.  I do my free-range writing project under a pseudonym.  And the pseudonym's personality is a little edgier...

Every day I live, think like, and write as these personalities.  It's like there are three people in one body.  It can make a girl feel very weary.

I live three lives every day.  I am three people every day.  And yet I don't even get enough freakin' sleep for one person.

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