Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm going to love what I write...tomorrow.

I wrote a chapter today, but it sucked.  I don't know whether to be ticked because it sucked, hopeful that there are some gems I can pull out of it to use in a future chapter that doesn't suck, or proud of myself because I worked an extremely stressful 9.5-hour day plus wrote 2 articles for another project and still managed to write a chapter.

Or maybe I'll look at the chapter tomorrow and think it's not that bad.  Maybe it really isn't that bad.  Maybe it's just the negative energy of too much non-novel-related work that's poisoning my viewpoint.  Maybe I just need sleep and a set of fresh eyes.

My brain feeling fried and the rest of me feeling stressed and exhausted makes me unnervingly hateful.  And my own words are one of the worst things I can ever hate.

Tomorrow my goal is to write something--a chapter, hell, even a paragraph--that I love.

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