Monday, February 18, 2013

So sick of being sick.

I'm sick of being sick.  Of not writing, or not writing enough.  Of being tired when I should be on fire.

I've been on antibiotics pretty much since the start of 2013.  Some types of meds didn't work, and the sinus infection came back.  Other meds, I was allergic to.  I'm in the final week of a 3-week course of a different antibiotic, and I'm just hoping this kills the infection.  I'm sick of carrying various medicines everywhere, of being exhausted, or having to wake up early on weekends so I can take an antibiotic, since I have to fit 3 pills in each day.

I was doing so well with Emerson, but being so sick has put me a little behind on my weekly word counts.  All I can do is try to be OK with the fact that life sometimes gets in the way, and to just get myself back on the ol' writing horse this weekend, when I'm (hopefully) all done with medications and have a little more energy.  Energy that I deserve to give to my characters.

When I'm not writing enough, I don't feel fully alive.

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